Eliana’s visit to a NYC Cat Cafe


It was, well, interesting. These cats are nicely taken care of and seem interested in interacting with kids. Kids can’t just walk in and visit this cat cafe, one needs to pay and reserve special allocated time for kids to visit. The one we visited was this Meow Parlour.

Her video on the trip!

31 thoughts on “Eliana’s visit to a NYC Cat Cafe”

  1. I’ve heard about Cat Cafes in Japan and didn’t realise how popular they are. What a cool concept. Great for kids and for any cat lover. The macarons are adorable!

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  2. This is so cute, and she is adorable! The cat cafe is definitely not for me, but my daughter would totally love it. I might have to suck it up and take her if we’re in NYC!

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  3. There are cat cafés now all over the place. I personally wouldn’t go since I’m not a fan of having animals around me when consuming food or drinks, but I know that other people don’t mind. I’m also not fond of the idea that the cats are basically there to entertain people – I always thought that they are rather loners?! But actually I don’t really know.

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    1. No, it’s not just cats there to entertain ppl, it’s mostly for the cat to be around people (I guess to get used to being around them) and I believe, these cats actually get adopted. The food is actually right next door, there is a bakery called macaroon parlour that works together with the cat cafe. Nobody really have to eat inside the cat cafe, but ppl can. We have cat, so, we are totally used to it!


  4. Well I won’t deny, this is something new for me. In India we have puppy friendly cafes but not something like this yet. It’s a cool idea to suggest my dad, I am inspired. I would love to read about you, since I am also a young blogger like you (just 9).


    1. Hi, Mehr, nice to meet you! I am Eliana’s Mom (current author!) as Eliana is 6. She is like you as she said she wanted to be famous! She read your reply and said hi to you. She loves traveling like you and also only travels when I am on vacation. Someday, we may travel a lot, but that time hasn’t come yet. Let’s keep in touch through our blogs and may be we all will cross paths someday! We are looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂

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      1. Hi Eliana! My parents too help me maintain this blog, but I do the writing part mostly. When we are travelling I have to write about my everyday experience at the end of the day. This helps me compile everything into one blog post after we return. I am so thrilled to have a friend now in the other side of the world. If you have an IG account, add me there @moimehr. My mum controls it, but we can see each other more often then. Good luck with your blog.

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      2. That’s a great thing to do to write journal while on trip! Eliana has a journal but after two sentences she doesn’t want to write anymore 🙂 I just followed you on IG, you may follow us too, it’s adventuregirleliana. Will be seeing you guys around on cyberspace!


  5. I was just in NYC last week but didn’t come across any cat cafes. I’ll have to look out for them on my next visit. The concept is totally new to me.

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  6. This is so sweet, and your little girl looks happy here! I’m more of a dog person to be honest, but would like to see this if I return to NYC!

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  7. I have 3 cats at home, so don’t really need to visit a Cat Cafe to get my kitty cuddles fix. But… I do love these cat cafes! One has just opened in Reykjavik, so I’m gonna see if I can go 🙂 x


  8. I like how you’ve to make a reservation to visit the cats, you can;t just walk in, it has to be at the allocated time! I’ve never been to a cat cafe but it sounds like something I’d love to try as well. I can see Eliana had a good time xx

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