Eliana, adventure girl

Eliana got her passport at 2 months and took her first flight at 4 months, a 13 hours long haul flight no less. Eliana’s first trip was to United Arab Emirates. Then continued to fly to Bangladesh and the list kept growing. To date she has traveled to UAE (twice) Bangladesh (multiple times including a 23 months extended stay), Singapore, Thailand, France, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. She travels when her mama is off from work on vacation. Eliana always travels with her mama, and then on some trips her travel buddies include mommy (aunt, mom’s sister), baba (dad), appa and nana (maternal grand parents).


That would be me, current author of this blog. I took my first ever flight in 1989! It was amazing. I remember it like it was yesterday. The travel gene was handed down by my father, who has and continue to travel pretty often (even now at the ripe age of 70+ thanks God!). He just visited Japan few months ago, which was perhaps in his mental bucket list for a while. Thanks to him, I got to travel a lot with him in my pre adult days and then continue to travel on my own. I still have tons of places I want to visit. And now I have Eliana who also enjoys traveling and is a GREAT travel buddy!

This blog will be primarily on Eliana’s adventures (hence the name) and occasionally I will throw in some of mine! I hope to write a lot of trip reports, reviews, random things about NYC, Eliana also likes fashion and good food, so, those will be our topics as well. I hope readers find this blog enjoyable and helpful.