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Two weeks in Dubai highlights


Eliana, myself and her dad spent full two weeks in Dubai on our last family vacation (which was Eliana’s second Dubai trip), therefore, needless to say, we have seen and done quite a bit. At that time Eliana was 4.5 years old.

Pretty much every day we started our day around 12/1 pm. Because. E was on vacation and she needed to sleep in!

I will post in details later, but for now let’s start with the highlights!

Highlights of Dubai trip

  1. Well, first and foremost I celebrated my birthday with afternoon tea (our first time experience having afternoon tea) at the Palace Downtown hotel at Al Bayt Lounge.
  2. Went back to have another afternoon tea at the Palace Downtown where it was buffet style and just full of super delicious goodies! LOVED it.
  3. Went to Emirates of Sharjah or in short Sharjah on a day trip and had a blast. Love Love Love Sharjah!
  4. Did a day trip to Abu Dhabi and visited the GORGEOUS mosque Sheik Zayed Grand mosque!
  5. In Abu Dhabi went to La Creme Brûlée Maison and had that camel milk Creme brûlée, which was to die for! Seriously.
  6. Had our first ever professional family photo shoot in Bur Dubai area (old Dubai)! It was amazing! A separate post will be coming!
  7. Crossed Dubai creek in Abra (water taxi) the local way! Not any fancy cruise or boat the one local takes everyday for a Dirham one way!
  8. Made a trip out to Miracle Garden along with butterfly garden.
  9. Had buffet lunch at the  Beachcomber restaurant at the Jumeirah Beach hotel which gives access to Souk Madinat!
  10. Watched Dubai Mall fountain show (excellent!)
  11. Visited Jumeirah beach and Kite beach. I really liked Kite beach!
  12. Had lunch at an authentic Emirati place in old Dubai, how I found out about it…stay tuned to find out!
  13. Ate delicious goodies at an exclusive camel milk cafe, Al Majilis.

All restaurant reviews will be next followed by how I planned this 2 weeks long trip to Dubai on a budget, which seems to be considered as an “expensive” place.

Have you been to Dubai? Anything you want to recommend for us to check out on our next trip? Dubai is already adding new things, I am sure there will be plenty to see next time!



10 thoughts on “Two weeks in Dubai highlights”

    1. Hi, yes, we did visit Al Bastakiya district and Arabian Tea House, twice actually! It is really good. We didn’t have that camel milk ice creme (didn’t know about it)…will surely check it out next time!


  1. As an engineer, I want to see all the building and technology in the middle of the desert. But you have suggested many other things I may do.

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  2. I’ve not yet been to Dubai, but I like the places you’ve mentioned here. I also love dessert, so will be heading to La Creme Brulee Maison to taste everything!

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  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip! Dubai impresses me as having so many interesting (and a few over-the-top) things to do and see there. We should check it out. My teenage son thinks it looks cool. 🙂


  4. I like the highlights on the end, it makes me to think more about what I read and like a summary on the end of all. I would like to visit Dubai one day, it’s my dream destination. Great tips 🙂


  5. 2 weeks is a lot of time to spend in Dubai and since it wasn’t your first trip, it was the perfect way to go off beat and experience things which are not very touristy. I live in Dubai so I have pretty much experienced everything on this list. The afternoon tea at Al Bayt Lounge is very cool (as long as you don’t go for the Arabic one) in my opinion, the setting and the hospitality in that hotel is simply awesome. Beachcombers also has a really nice setting. So good to know you had a photo shoot in old Dubai!

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  6. It’s funny in all the years I’ve been traveling the world from east to west, I’m yet to step foot in Dubai. But, I really do wanna experience it very soon – I know about some of the more touristy areas and this was nice to hear about other things and I have to say camel milk Creme brûlée – I need to experience this 😀 😀

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  7. That’s quite a lot of things that you did in Dubai! I bet Eliana enjoyed her vacation. Camel Milk cafe definitely sounds interesting. I had camel milk tea at Pushkar and it was good. Hope to visit Dubai sometime soon. And yes, I am looking forward to see the professional family photo shoot of yours. 🙂

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