Celebrity Eliana was spotted at Grand Palace!


In honor of throwback Thursday, I am sharing this post. Also, sort of to keep this as a travel journal for Eliana.

Thailand was Eliana’s fourth country that she visited. It was a last moment trip with my mother (flew Thai Airways , and it was great FYI ) and her (one of my sisters was already there as we joined her).

The day we visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok Eliana had a true celebrity moment or two 😉 As I was taking her picture in the scorching heat of Bangkok, this tourist (from Japan) suddenly started to take picture with her (asking me first of course). It was so weird and cute all at the same time. Eliana’s celebratory status didn’t end there. As we entered the Grand Palace and was checking out all those grand temples, another tourist (Korean!) wanted to take pic with Celebrity Eliana!

I do wonder if those ladies will ever find these pictures/post on cyberspace someday!



If you didn’t know, you would think they know each other for ages!



And some other pictures from gorgeous Grand Palace!








3 thoughts on “Celebrity Eliana was spotted at Grand Palace!”

  1. That’s such an interesting piece of architecture! Looks really unusual for a European eye. Especially different from Scandinavia, where everything is in white, calm tones.

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  2. Aw looks like your little girl had a lovely time in Thailand. I think it’s great she’s getting to travel and at such a young age too. She’s a very sweet girl!

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